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Our No Haggle Price Policy

Our No Haggle Price Policy is our final Price of our Trailers and you cannot negotiate the price any further. It means the Trailer is priced as low as we can sell it for. This eliminates the need for the usual back and forth negotiations. Let's be honest, why should you pay one price and the next customer negotiates better then you and gets a better price. Did you pay part of his price ?

We don’t jack up our prices like other dealers do just to bring them down to make you feel like you got a good deal. That’s “used car salesman’ tactics and we don’t do that. Our pricing is clearly identified on our website and that’s our No Haggle Price. Everyone gets the same guaranteed low price.

The only time we have better pricing is our “HOT DEALS”. These are items that we lower the prices for a variety of different reasons. They are reduced below our normal low mark up to move out quickly. They’re great deals! Get ‘em before they’re gone.