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Maine Tags and The State of Maryland

First and foremost, we do not do Maine registrations and tags. We are a State of Maryland Trailer Dealership and we abide by Maryland State law.

You have a reasponsibility to read and understand the Maryland State laws if you want to do Maine tag and registration. Ultimately, the decision is yours to educate yourself on the laws and make the right lawful decision.

Here is some helpful information for your review:

Technically, you must have one truck and trailer registered in MD for each trailer registered out of state (MD Transportation Article 13-402(f)). This is a link to that section:

This is part of that section:

(f) A trailer or semitrailer operated in intrastate service need not be registered in this State if:

 (1) It is registered in another state;

(2) The truck tractor or other vehicle that is towing it is registered in this State; and

(3) The registered owner of the truck tractor or other towing vehicle has at least one trailer or semitrailer registered in this State for each truck tractor also registered in this State.

For more information on the subject this is a link to when Duane Pearce, the Maryland State Highway Administration, Motor Carrier Division’s safety and compliance manager, spoke at the Maryland Farm Bureau Truck Forum in Upper Marlboro on Feb. 29,2016.

"Pearce said he sees a lot of trailers with Maine registration because it is cheaper to register a trailer in Maine, but this practice may be in violation of the Maryland Transportation Article.

For example, The Staab Agency in Maine will register from one to nine trailers for $207 for up to 12 years, and in Maryland it is common practice for commercial shippers to do so, not only because it is inexpensive, but because there is no sales tax required on a trailer registered in Maine.

The bottom line, to be compliant with Maryland registration laws, for every trailer you have registered out of state, you must have one truck and trailer registered in the state of Maryland, Pearce said."